Alfandari endeavour to create a real value by investing in the right businesses, where our funds can bring significant changes that maximise the potential of the business. We take on affable deals and partner experience and talented management teams with the view of achieving the highest possible level of performance. We have a thorough approach to all our investments irrespective of size and call upon our financing and transaction experience to command an intelligent focus on preserving capital whilst maintaining our target of attractive returns. We take an opportunistic approach to our investments and are not confined to specific industries, deal size or location. We like to concentrate our efforts on a wide range of opportunities.

A clear strategy is at the core of any transaction, but it is the delivery of the strategy that is essential. We want to invest in growing companies that fit with our own values and ethics. We want to work with talented management teams and entrepreneurs to help them fulfil their full potential. We strive to strengthen our international network and industry capabilities and be respected as a responsible investor.

Partnering Alfandari allows you access to over 100 investment professionals in Europe, Asia, The Middle East and the US. Our network and the strength of our relationships will enable you to obtain advice from highly experienced entrepreneurs and industrialists who in turn sometimes join the businesses we partner. As we structure our investment we continue to maintain a personal relationship with you right up to our point of exit.

The process begins by looking to the future, and not quick profits. Prior to making our capital investment we will take time to conduct our due diligence and cultivate a comprehensive understanding of your business, the industry and your personal objectives. Once invested our commitment does not waiver. From your administration department to the board, we will commit our time and resources unequivocally, then surround you with expertise appropriate to growing and improving your business.